Multi-Grain Porridge Powder(Baby Food)

All parents wish that our babies be fed with the best food available out there. And we do wish that it contains right amount of protein, carbs, fat and so on. In short every possible nutrient rich foods. But feeding them all at the same time is a bit challenging.

Whatever the baby would eat is only a small quantity. Thinking of which, it would be very difficult to prepare multi-grain things day by day. Especially as it will be a very huge quantity you would make day by day. So what to do?!... Simply prepare a Multi-Grain Porridge Powder.

We shall prepare a multi-grain powder using a variety of cereals, pulses and nuts. And once your kid is hungry all you need to do is make porridge using a few spoons of the same.

To make it easier to buy all the cereals, pulses and nuts, l just bought a pack of Manna Health Mix grains (1 kg) pack. It is available online and other provision stores too. They have already provided roasted items, but still to make sure that it is moisture free I have roasted it once again.

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Multi-Grain Porridge Powder(Baby Food)


45 Serving

60 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Ragi 200g
Bajra 250g
Jowar 200g
Corn (sweet corn kernals) 200g
Barley 20g
Green Gram 1 tbsp
Sago 1 ½ tbsp
Wheat 1 ½ tbsp
Red Rice 2 tbsp
Soya Bean ½ tbsp
Fried gram 2 tbsp
Ground nut 15 nos
Cashew nuts 2 nos
Badam 2 nos
Cardamom 2 nos


Stage 1

All that we have to do is dry roast the cereals pulses and nuts thoroughly and powder them and sieve and mix. Let us start with Ragi. Heat a Kadai thoroughly and add Ragi. Dry roast it until the raw aroma turns to a roasted flavoured one. Remove it to a thoroughly washed and sundried plate. Again place the Kadai on flame and add Bajra. Dry roast it very well until the aroma of corn arises. Remove it to the plate as well. Dry roast Jowar until it turns aromatic. Remove it to the plate. Dry roast the sweet corn kernels for just a few minutes taking care that it doesn't pop. Transfer it to the plate.

Stage 2

Make a mixture of Barley , Green Gram, Sago. Dry roast this mixture until it's moisture is gone and the aroma of roasted Sago comes out. Transfer it to the plate. Make another mixture of Wheat, Soya Bean, Fried Gram, Ground Nuts, Cashew Nuts and Badam. Dry roast them until the flavour of roasted Groundnuts comes out. Transfer it to the plate. Now wait until the roasted items cool down.

Stage 3

Transfer the grains in parts into the mixer jar and powder it very well. You may add Cardamom (optional) to the mixer jar before blending.Transfer it to the sieving mesh and pat it gently. The fine powder will get through the mesh and the coarse powder will remain. Blend the coarse powder once again and sieve it again. The remaining coarse powder will be mostly skin of sweet corn kernels or so. Discard it or use it in dosa batter if you wish to. Collect the fine powder into the Kadai and mix thoroughly. Now pack it in an air-tight jar.

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  • You can't be sure if your baby might love the flavour of Cardamom. So if you doubt it, don't add Cardamom into the mixture, but instead try the same while making porridge.
  • For 1 tbsp of this powder, you might require 120-150 ml water to make the porridge.
  • For 8 month old babies add a bit more water to make porridge.
  • For 6 month old and 7 month old baby it is better to grind the powder with water in a blender and collect extract for making porridge than to make porridge directly out of the powder
  • Use palm sugar or palm jaggery as sweeteners. It is good for your baby's health. Try to avoid use of sugar.
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