Ragi and Bajra(Koozh) Baby Food

Parenthood is always a great pleasure among loving couples. That little bundle of joy would always make you smile, even at a hard time. And parenting?! Well it's not only a pleasant thing but also a bit challenging. The main anxiety among parents are "what to feed the baby with, after six months?" "what all should be included?" "what not?" "how to prepare baby food at home?"...and the list never ends.... So here is one of the n number of baby food recipes. What you only need is Ragi, Bajra and some natural sweetener. With very few contents you can prepare a healthy and tasty baby food, which also helps the baby to gain required weight for the age.

I have used palm sugar as sweetener, since it is good for health. It can be easily prepared in just 15 minutes. This is a food best for 6 to 8 months baby.

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Ragi and Bajra(Koozh) Baby Food


1 serving

15 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Ragi 2 tbsp
Bajra 2 tbsp
Palm sugar crystals 10g
Water 4 cups


Stage 1

Take a clean and dried small mixie jar. In to it put 2 tbsp Ragi and 2 tbsp Bajra. Now powder to a coarse form.

Stage 2

add one cup of water and blend it well. Using a tea filtering sieve, filter the extract.

Stage 3

Again add ½ cup of water and blend. Filter the extract once again. Repeat the process 3-4 times so that we shall use maximum extract.

Stage 4

Transfer the Ragi-Bajra extract to a bottom thick Kadai. Add 10g palm sugar and start cooking. Keep stirring continuously.

Stage 5

As the extract starts boiling you can feel it thickening too. Stir it from all sides very well keeping the flame low for 2 minutes . Keep on stirring until the extract is uniformly thickened. Now stir it for one more minute and turn off the flame.

Stage 6

Now let it cool down well and then transfer it to your baby's feeding bowl. Feed your baby with this yummy healthy Ragi-Bajra extract porridge.

Healthy Baby, Happy Baby

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  • You can store the extract upto 12 hrs in refrigerator, which would make it easier for working moms.
  • This porridge is a naturally cold food. So if your baby is suffering from severe cough or cold, it is better to avoid this porridge at night.
  • For 6 months old baby feeding this porridge at day time would be better for first week
  • Feeding your baby with baby food before night fall will better in first week of solid food trials
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