Instant Cut Mango Pickle(No Vinegar and No Preservative)

Here we are again with a splendid pickle. Of any pickle, mango pickle should be an all-time favourite for any foodie. A wide variety of Mango pickles are known to us. From tender mango to salted ripened mango, mangoes of different age are pickled in different way in different place around the globe.

If you are an amateur or a bachelor trying new recipes, you have found the perfect place. Bachelor cooking section is made exclusive for you. Here we will cover recipes which are easy to cook with minimal number of ingredients and won’t consume more time from you. These recipes are not only easy to cook but they are also very much nutritious and tasty. Try these recipes to build up the confidence level.

Of all the varieties, most of us are familiar with, tender mango pickle, sliced mango pickle, salted mango, cut mango pickle etc. For Keralites, their favourite pickle is, cut mango pickle, where, you have chopped mangoes, pickled in beautiful red bran with its irresistible aroma. Just imagine such a pickle on a sadya feast. That’s simply great!!!

Of course we are making it now. Cut Mango Pickle!.... This is an instant pickle too. You can make it with just 1 mango or even a kilo. And you can start consuming it as soon as it is prepared. It stays for as long as a month or two when kept refrigerated. Only thing to take care of is, always use dry spoon to take pickle.

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Instant Cut Mango Pickle(No Vinegar and No Preservative)


50 servings

30 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Raw Mango 4 nos
Salt 2 tbsp Salt.jpg
Red Chilli powder 2 tsp
Asafoetida 1 tsp
Gingelly oil 3 tbsp
Mustard seeds ½ tbsp


Stage 1

First step is to wash the mangoes clean. Once it is clean, slice the mangoes to big pieces from all its four side and keep them aside. Now take each big slice and slice it to smaller rows and cut it cross, so that the mango pieces are so tiny and best for pickling. Transfer the chopped mangoes to a mixing bowl.

Stage 2

To the mixing bowl add 2 tbsp. salt and toss it well.

Stage 3

Top the salted mango with 2 tsp red chilli powder and 1 tsp asafoetida and keep it aside. Do not mix it.

Stage 4

Heat a pan and pour 3 tbsp. oil to it. Let the oil heat up. Add ½ tbsp. mustard seeds and let it pop.

Stage 5

Now turn off the burner. Transfer this mixture on the top of the red chilli and asafoetida in the mixing bowl. Mix them altogether thoroughly and let it cool down for a few minutes. Instant mango pickle is ready. You may start consuming it right away. Store the pickle in an air-tight jar for good life

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  • You may keep the salted cut mango overnight and add the other spices next morning. This way the fresh pickle can consumed immediately after preparation.
  • For sour mangoes, you might need more salt. So add salt according to the taste.
  • You may start using the pickle on the same day of preparation. But if you want the real taste to hit in, it is better to wait for 1 day at least.
  • Check for salt before bottling it.
  • For mangoes with hard or bitter skin, it’s better to remove the skin before cutting it.
  • Always use clean dry spoon to take pickle.


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