Thinking hard about preparing a snack? Be it for your kids coming from school or for your tea time fun or for a set of guests, it’s always a great pleasure to welcome your teatime with a home-cooked simple snack. So what if it is a simple fried dish like Morappam? Kids would love for it’s savoury, while it is quite easy to prepare with the available things in your kitchen. Since it is not a sweet, it’s really good to go with anybody who loves to take a light snack for tea on a fine winter evening.

If you are a working person, all you crave is to get home and relax. But before you take the liberty of being comfortable, just steal 20 minutes from your time to prepare Morappam for yourself and your loved ones. You will definitely feel good with a cup of steaming hot tea and a hot snack on a cold evening.

For this dish all you need is some left-over dosa batter, and a few spoons of curd (yoghurt). So lets see the recipe an ty to cook this delicious snack.

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4 persons

25 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Dosa batter 1 cup
Wheat flour 1 cup
Sour Curd/buttermilk ½ cup
Onion 100 g
Green chilli 2 nos
Ginger 1 inch piece
Curry leaves 12 nos
Red Chilli powder ½ tsp
Salt enough to taste
Asafoetida ¼ tsp
Water ½ cup
Oil 200 ml


Stage 1

First of all, let us chop onion, green chillies, ginger and curry leaves required for the Morappam batter. Peel the skin of onion and ginger. Wash them clean along with green chillies and curry leaves. Chop them all really fine and keep them aside.

Stage 2

Now let us prepare the batter. To a mixing bowl take 1 cup dosa batter, 1 cup wheat flour and ½ cup buttermilk. I used buttermilk because it is fat free and adds to the flavour. You may use flavourless yoghurt or sour curd according to your choice.

Stage 3

To this add salt (add less salt if the dosa batter is already salted.), chilli powder, asafoetida powder and mix the batter well using a ladle. Add water little by little until the batter gets a dosa batter consistency. Make sure it doesn’t form lumps while mixing. If you have troubles with lumps, just blend the mixture using a blender.

Stage 4

Now, add the chopped onion, green chilli, ginger and curry leaves to the batter and mix it thoroughly. Morappam batter is ready

Stage 5

It’s time to fry our favourite cuisine now. So heat a Paniyaram maker and pour oil in each hole. Let the oil become really hot before we pour the batter.

Stage 6

Now keeping the flame high, pour batter to each hole not exceeding 3/4th of its portion. Lower the flame and wait for 30 – 45 seconds for it to get cooked and the bottom side to turn a golden brown colour.

Now flip each of them upside down. Wait for 30 seconds. Then keep the flame medium. Let the other side turn golden brown too. Now take it off from the oil and transfer it to a plate, with tissue paper spread over it. Repeat the procedure until the batter is finished.

Serve it hot with steaming cup of sweet tea and enjoy your cold winter evening with your beloved.

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  • If you don’t like the flavour of raw onion, you can also sauté the items from stage 1 with little oil. You can also pop mustards if you sauté them.
  • You may even add spiced buttermilk instead of flavorless buttermilk.
  • You may add coriander for a different flavor.


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