Mathanga Vadakam

Feeling lazy to cook curries? It’s ok. We may fry vadakams. But if you want to fry vadakams you should first prepare and store them in bulk. Yes, that’s the only thing you have to do.

Vadakams are generally sun dried spiced vegetables or cooked pulses. They are usually fried in cooking oil and consumed with rice or other main course.

Traditionally prepared vadakams in olden days were meant for preserving them and to be used in tough seasons like heavy monsoon or winter where availability of food items become rare. Now a days we do this to make our choice of food tasty, different and easy.

The preparation is of course a bit time consuming as it takes 5-7 days to get dried out in the sun. But the base preparation is easier and takes the time only for cleaning vegetables.

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Mathanga Vadakam


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Items List

Name Quantity Image
Yellow pumpkin 1800g
Onion 1 kg
Raw rice 1½ cup
Green chilli 300g
Salt 4 tbsp


Stage 1

Let us start with cleaning vegetables. Wash the pumpkin before you cut it. Remove the skin and seeds of pumpkin. But you need not remove the seed bed. Chop the pumpkin pieces and seed bed into cubes. For us this weighed about 1800g.

Stage 2

Remove the skin of onions and wash them well. Chop them into big pieces and keep them aside. This weighed about 1kg. Wash green chilies and keep it aside. This weighed about 300g.

Stage 3

Now cook the pumpkin in a pressure cooker adding 1 cup of water, which is just enough for the pumpkin to get cooked without burning it. One whistle at high flame and 2 whistles in low flame is enough. Let the pressure release normally and make sure the pumpkin is cooked to fork tender condition. Strain off the water and let the pumpkin cool down in a big mixing bowl.

Stage 4

Now heat a kadai and dry roast the rice until it is deep brown. Let it cool down and then grind it to coarse powder. Keep it aside.

Stage 5

Blend chopped onion in to a coarse paste and add this to the cooked pumpkin. Likewise blend the green chilies as well and add to the cooked pumpkin. Add 4 tbsp (approx.) salt to it.

Stage 6

From the powdered rice, add about 1¼ cup of it to the cooked pumpkin. Using clean hands mix them all together. Mash the pumpkin while you mix it. Keep the mixture closed overnight.

Stage 7

In the morning open the mixing bowl and mix it all very well once again. Now on a place where you get sun light throughout the day, spread a clean cotton cloth or towel. Now take lemon sized balls from the mixture and place it on the towel to get it sun dried.

Stage 8

On the second day reshape the balls once again, so that the air holes and splits formed will join together again. Continue to dry them out in the sun for 5 – 7 days. This way it would be dried completely. Now store it in an air tight jar. It would last for even a year. Do not refrigerate it.

Stage 9

Let us fry a few of it for our lunch. Heat a kadai and pour oil enough for the balls to get dipped in while frying. Now take each balls and dip it in water and take it out immediately and add this to hot oil one-by-one and fry it in medium flame. When all sides turn deep brown coloured, take it out from oil and what more… enjoy the crispy vadakam with your any favourite dish.

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  • Mash the cooked pumpkin before adding other ingredients to make the job easy.
  • There would be left over powdered rice. You may preserve it in an air tight jar for any longer days and make use of it whenever you make vadakam.
  • You may also use cooked plantain stem to make vadakam. But only thing is you will have to blend the cooked plantain stem instead of just mashing it.
  • You may prepare vadakam using ash gourd also.
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