Indian Goose Berry Pickle(Amla Pickle)

No curry?... It’s okey... We have Pickle.... Varieties of curry on table!!... Still we need pickle to top them all....Yes... That’s the importance of pickle on a table.

Of all pickles, Amla Pickle (Indian Goose Berry pickle), is one of the healthy varieties of pickle. Its preparation is very special that it lasts for a long time without refrigeration. This recipe is specially prepared by my Mother-in-law for us.

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Indian Goose Berry Pickle(Amla Pickle)


40 servings

40 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Indian Goose Berry 650g
Gingelly Oil 125 ml
Salt 7 tbsp
Red-chilli powder 4 tbsp
Asafoetida 1 ½ tbsp


Stage 1

First step is washing and drying goose berries. Take goose berries and wash them using cold water for at least two times. Remove stem and leaves of the berries and clean them very well. Spread them on a clean dry cotton cloth or cotton bath towel to dry the berries. Now we can start the preparation.

Stage 2

Heat a thick bottomed kadai and pour 125 ml of gingelly oil. Let the oil heat up very well. Sauté the goose berries in the hot oil at high flame for at least 20 minutes. Check if it is fork tender occasionally after first 10 minutes. When it is fork tender also make sure the outer skin is golden brown and take care that it doesn’t get burnt or over cooked. Fork tender consistency is best for pickling.

Stage 3

Now lower the flame and add 7 tbsp salt to the sautéed goose berries. Stir it well for 2 minutes.

Stage 4

Now add 4 tbsp red chilli powder and mix it very well until its raw smell goes. Check for salt and chilli powder and adjust according to taste.

Stage 5

When fried smell of red chilli powder waters your mouth, it’s time to add asafoetida. Add 1 ½ tbsp asafoetida and mix well again. Now turn off the flame.

Stage 6

Remove it from the stove, but not from the kadai. Leave it for cooling. When it is cool, transfer it to an air tight jar. Leave it in the air tight jar for five days. Shake the jar occasionally (preferably keeping it closed), so that the salt and flavours gets locked in the berry. Now transfer the yummy pickle as per requirement to a glass jar or ceramic jar and you can start enjoying the yum of the home made pickle any of your favourite delicacies...


  • You can also fry 1 ½ tbsp mustard seeds (preferably small mustard seeds), in the hot oil at stage 2.
  • If you are preparing it at night, leave it overnight for cooling, so that the berries will start to get softened in the mixture.
  • Do not leave it open for cooling. And do not close it using the lid. The water vapour might contaminate the pickle. So spread a dry cotton cloth over the kadai so that it will catch the water vapour and also it will keep the pickle from catching dust and other things.


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