Uzhundhu Kozhukattai(Urad Dal Stuffed Dumplings)

Uzhundu Kozhukkattai is a Ganesh Chathurthi special Tamil Brahmin dish. For special occasions we always need know how to make the traditional dish.

The preparation is actually a difficult one. But it is one of the tasty special dishes too. Especially on the day of Ganesh Pooja, preparation of this Uzhundu Kozhukattai will be a like a festive get together as everyone will be taking part in the preparation. As it takes time to prepare a joint venture will make the job easy. Of course that’s also a time in the family where all the members will be happily chatting to each other and a time to enjoy togetherness...

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Uzhundhu Kozhukattai(Urad Dal Stuffed Dumplings)


8 Persons

150 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Rice flour 5 cups
Urad dal 1 cup
Green chilli 5 nos
Curry leaves 30 nos
Asafoetida ¼ tbsp
Salt enough to taste
Water 3 litres
Oil 5 tbsp
Mustard seeds 1 tbsp
Dried red chillies 5 nos
Scraped coconut 1 cup


Stage 1

Wash and Soak 1 cup urad dal in 1 ltr water for 1 ½ hrs.

Stage 2

Strain off the water from urad dal and transfer it to a blender. Add green chillies, 15curry leaves, asafoetida and salt. Crush it to a coarse powder without adding water. (crush the urad dal in 2 trips, so that the blender would not be over loaded). Hand-mix it very well in a mixing bowl.

Stage 3

Now it’s time to steam cook the crushed urad dal. Split the urad dal in big balls and place them over idly mould and steam cook it for at least 20 minutes.

Stage 4

Transfer the steam cooked urad dal mixture in to the mixing bowl and using clean hands split it into coarse powder form.

Stage 5

Heat a tadka pan, pour 2 tbsp oil and pop mustard seeds, fry dried red chillies and 15 curry leaves. Pour this mixture to urad dal powder. To this add 1 cup of scraped coconut. Mix it all very well.

Stage 6

Bring to boil 5 cups of water in a vessel. Meanwhile, in another mixing bowl, pour 1 tbsp oil, add 5 cups of rice flour and 2 - 3 tsp salt and hand mix the flour well. Now add boiling water to the flour and using a ladle, mix it very well to a soft dough consistency. (It is always better to take half the rice flour and half the water in one go to maintain consistency). We have done the process in 2 trips.

Stage 7

Take some oil in a small bowl to grease your hands. Using greased hands, take a lemon sized ball from the rice dough and spread it to a round sheet. Fill it with ¾ tbsp urad dal mix and fold it in half so that the stuffing is inside and the outer coating is in place (without any damage or breakage). Kozhukattai is now ready to go for a final steam cooking.

Stage 8

Now we are entering the final step of our preparation. Steam - cook the Kozhukattai once again for 15 minutes. It will have a glossy appearance after cooking.

Enjoy the yum of uzhundu Kozhukattai. Coconut chutney is the best to go with this.


  • Use coconut oil for a better taste.
  • Extra stuffing (urad dal mixture) can be saved to take as snack.


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