Pineapple Jam(No Preservatives)

These days we are part of nuclear families and probably both parents are working. So, obviously if you have school going kids, and they come back earlier than parents, to home, so they should have something to eat at home. Mostly any household with kids will have bread in stock. And you buy jam for that.

If you are an amateur or a bachelor trying new recipes, you have found the perfect place. Bachelor cooking section is made exclusive for you. Here we will cover recipes which are easy to cook with minimal number of ingredients and won’t consume more time from you. These recipes are not only easy to cook but they are also very much nutritious and tasty. Try these recipes to build up the confidence level.

You know, store bought jam always contain preservatives and regulators. Why let your kids take unhealthy food? All they need for bread, chappathi or even idly, dosa etc. is Jam. Now you are going make it at home with this very simple recipe. Just spend 40minutes. You get amazing homemade Pineapple jam for your kids.

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Pineapple Jam(No Preservatives)

Middle East

35 Servings

35 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Pineapple 500 g
Sugar 150 g


Stage 1

Take a pineapple and peel off the skin. Chop it to small pieces. I got 500g of chopped pineapple. We need 150g (2/3 cup) sugar for 500g pineapple. So keep it ready aside.

Stage 2

Now grind the pineapple pieces in a blender to a very smooth paste. Transfer the paste into a kadai.

Stage 3

Now let the Pineapple paste boil at high flame and we have to stir it thoroughly until it gets cooked (approx 5 mins).

Stage 4

Add sugar at this stage and continue stirring until it gets a glassy appearance. Lower the flame. Continue stirring as it gets thick (approx. 5 mins). As it starts thickening keep the flame high and stir continuously (approx. 15 mins) .Once it is thick just enough for a jam, turn off the flame.

Stage 5

Let it cool down. Now transfer it to an air tight glass jar and use whenever you need. Keep it refrigerated for better life.


  • In stage 4 at high flame, the boiling pineapple will splutter out and may burn your hand and clothes. To avoid this use low flame until it starts thickening.
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