Koozh Dosai

Koozh dosai is a rarely known, traditional Tamil-Brahmins’ dish. It is also known as Arisi Dosai. It is a very simple preparation with raw rice and is very tasty breakfast or rather a dinner dish. It is a dish where you should not allow the rice batter to ferment.

This is a nice recipe handed down from my husband’s Grandmother. The dosa is not only tasty but also looks silky and the aroma will bring you to eat a whole lot. It is just the matter of soaking time of rice for the preparation of dosa. 4 hrs soaking and grinding plus further preparation will be over in an hour.

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Koozh Dosai


3 persons

300 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Raw rice 1cup
Water 2.5 ltr
Salt enough to taste
Oil ½ tsp per dosa


Stage 1

Take one cup raw rice, wash it thoroughly and soak it in ½ to ¾ litre of water for 3 – 4 hrs. Drain the soaked water and keep the soaked water aside for us to use later. Using a blender, grind raw rice into a smooth paste adding enough soaked water and keep it aside. Do not allow the batter to ferment.

Stage 2

To the rest of the soaked water, add 1 ladle of rice batter and mix well. Add water to the mixture to make it to 1 litre.

Stage 3

Take this mixture into a kadai and let it start boil in a medium flame. Stir it continuously until the mixture gets cooked and becomes gelatinous. This is known as Koozh. Keep it aside to cool down

Stage 4

Mix the rest of the batter to the boiled and cooled gelatinous mixture (Koozh), add salt and mix it thoroughly. It should have a free flowing consistency.

Stage 5

Now heat a tava (use iron tava for best result), spread oil for smoothening the tava and pour 1 ladle of batter. Spread it just to get the correct round shape. The tava should be so hot the when you pour the batter, so that, it immediately forms pores. Pour ½ tsp oil and wait for 30 secs for one side to get cooked. Now flip it over and let it cook for another 30 seconds.

Serve Koozh Dosai hot.


  • Do not ferment the batter, otherwise it will not come off the tava.
  • If you use more koozh, the dosa will become silkier, but it won’t come off from the tawa easily. It becomes sticky too.
  • If you use less koozh, it will form rough surface on the dosa and it will be stiff and not so tasty.
  • If the tava is not so hot while pouring the batter, the dosa will develop a roughness on the top and dosai becomes stiff and does not taste well.
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