Palada Pradhaman

Onam is at our door step and are you wondering what sweet you are going to make? No doubt! It’s the awesome yummy Palada Pradhaman (Palada Payasam). Any sadya, especially the famous Onasadya , is a grant harvest feast of Kerala and a Pradhaman is the highlight of the feast. The word Pradhaman means, the first ranked. In a feast you are serving Pradhaman first in the bottom-right corner of the banana leaf, just a little bit for ‘tasting’. For ‘tasting’ means you are going have to leave a great space for the same in your growling tummy, to enjoy the rest of it in end of the meal.

There are so many types of Pradhamans known to be special for sadyas. Palada Pradhaman, Chakka Pradhaman (Jackfruit Pradhaman), Kadala Pradhaman (gram Pradhaman), Parippu Pradhaman (Dal pradhaman) etc. are a few of them. Of these Palada Pradhaman is famous for Onam Sadya.

We are preparing the Pradhaman in the traditional way. So we are using rice flakes for Palada Pradhaman. Although it is a time consuming process, the Pradhaman tastes awesome and is worth giving a try.

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Palada Pradhaman


8 Persons

90 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Rice ada 6 tbsp
Sugar, 9 – 12 tbsp Sugar.jpg
Milk 1 ltr
Ghee 1 tbsp
Water 2 ltr
Cardamom 5 nos
Cashew nuts 12 nos
Raisins 15 nos


Stage 1

We are doing two things simultaneously in two burners. One of them bring 1 ltr of milk in a bottom thick pan or pressure cooker vessel (avoid using the lid) to boiling. While taking care of the boiling milk, simultaneously boil 1 ltr of water in sauce pan.

Stage 2

When the water boils, turn the flame off, keep it aside. Wash the rice ada well using running water through a strainer and the water drain off completely. Add the rice ada to the boiled water and close it with a lid. Let it sit get cooked in 30 minutes (don’t boil the ada in the water to cook).

Stage 3

Mean while, when the milk is boiled, add 1 ltr water , sugar, 1/2 tbsp ghee and stir it well until it starts boiling again.

Stage 4

Stir it occasionally for about 30 minutes to reduce in medium flame. The reduced milk will have a slight pinkish colour.

Stage 5

Strain the cooked ada using the strainer and wash with cold water. Now add this ada to the reduced milk and mix well. Let it start boiling again.

Stage 6

and stir frequently for another 30 minutes keeping it in medium flame. The whole mixture forms a thick texture with light pink colour.

Stage 7

Peel off the skin of cardamom and crush the contents and add it to the boiling Payasam and let it boil further in low flame.

Stage 8

Now heat a tadka pan and pour ½ tbsp ghee and fry raisins in it. When it is bubbled up, transfer it in to the Pradhaman , leaving the excess ghee in the tadka pan.

Stage 9

Again to the hot tadka pan with the excess ghee, keeping the flame low, add broken cashew nuts and fry until it turns brown. Add the nuts and ghee mixture to the pradhaman and turn off the flame.

Palada Pradhaman is ready to serve


  • For the Palada Pradhaman to have a good taste, it is better to use small rice flakes (rice ada)
  • In traditional way of cooking, we add water to milk in a 1:1 ratio and reduce it to half the volume and then add cooked ada.
  • If you need more of the pink colour, it is better to caramelise 1 tbsp sugar and add it to the reducing milk at stage 2.
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