Onion Uthappam

It was a cold monsoon evening and we felt like eating something spicy, hot and crunchy over dinner. I was actually planning to make dosa and chutney. Suddenly the Onion Uthappam idea came to my mind and yes, within a short while, we were enjoying it hot. If you have fermented dosa batter, it is always a good choice to make onion uthappam.

For kids, they get easily bored with usual dosa/idly routine, so try something different for them....

It can be a breakfast or dinner. Simple coconut chutney or sambar is a best match for uthappam. You may even take it without any side dish. Home-made dosa batter, makes the dish complete.

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Onion Uthappam

South India


20 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Onion 150g
Salt ¼ tsp
Pepper powder ¼ tsp
Dosa batter ½ kg
Oil 5 tsp


Stage 1

Before making uthappam, make sure you have two things ready by your side. One is Dosa Batter. The dosa batter should have a honey thick consistency and should be well fermented. The second one is a mixture of chopped onion, pepper powder and salt.

Stage 2

Now, heat a tava, keep the flame in medium and pour1 laddle of dosa batter. Spread it just to flatten it and don’t spread it too wide and thin. On the spread, sprinkle onion mixture and pour 1 tsp oil. The batter on tava should be thickly spread so the onion will stick in place with the batter.

Stage 3

Now as one side gets cooked, that is, you can see the top white side gets dried up from the sides and the edges gets a golden brown colour, keep the flame low, flip it over and let the other side cook well. It is important to keep the flame lower when you flip it over, otherwise the onion may get burned and will taste bitter. You can make 5 uthappams out of ½ kg batter.

Stage 4

Now it’s time to serve the hot onion uthappam....


  • Kids usually have a problem with vegetables, like carrots. You may also use scraped carrots, grated paneer or cheese in the mixture. For kids u may avoid pepper, in case it burns their tongue, instead use capsicum.


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