Pumpkin Soup

Preparing a grand treat for your friends and family?... Then make sure you have an appetizer on your list... Yes! Serving an appetizer is as important as the ones up coming... An appetizer can be a simple, nutritious, hot dish. Of course, it should enhance the appetite, making your tummy ready to crave for the upcoming starters and main courses.

We got or new Preethi mixer-grinder, with a vegetable processor unit included. So, for us chopping vegetables is just a matter of minutes. We wanted to give it a try, on how it works. All of a sudden we decided to prepare a soup.

A soup is most demanded, when one is not feeling well, like having a fever, hit with a COLD, or even if you are just back from a long walk out in the cold winter. Some hot fluids would recharge you instantly.

Pumpkin soup is generally a base for all sorts of soups and it can also be consumed as such. In restaurants usually we are served with corn starch based soup which adds up to your calories. But pumpkin base is more recommended if you are calorie conscious.

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Pumpkin Soup

North America

4 persons

20 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Pumpkin 150g
White onion 150g
Garlic 6 cloves
Roasted pumpkin seed 1 tbsp
Salt enough to taste
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Olive oil ½ tbsp
Fresh cream 1 tbsp
Water 400 ml



Chop pumpkin & onion, peel the skin of garlic and keep it aside.


Heat a frying pan, pour olive oil and add garlic, sauté until it ‘s raw smell goes, in medium flame.


Add chopped onion and sauté until its raw smell goes. Now add chopped pumpkin, sauté until its raw smell goes. Now season it with salt and pepper.


Add water and let it boil in high flame. Once it boils, lower the flame and close the pan with a lid. Let the pumpkin cook until it is fork tender. Turn off the flame and let it cool.


Strain and collect the vegetable stock and separate the cooked vegetables to a blender. Adding the vegetable stock in required quantities, blend it to a smooth paste.


Heat the frying pan again, pour the rest of the vegetable stock and add the blended vegetables, mix well. When it starts boiling, add fresh cream and mix well. Turn off the flame.


transfer the soup to a serving bowl and garnish it with fresh cream and roasted pumpkin kernels.


  • If you are diet conscious you may avoid using fresh cream.
  • White onion is generally suggested for soups, but if it is not available, you may as well use red onions.
  • You may add boiled vegetables, like chopped beans, carrots, cabbages, or even cooked sweet corn to this pumpkin based soup.
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