Coconut Barfi(Burfi)

Vacation at door step... guests at home.... kids and cousins... oh! We need some sweets....Here you are, for an easy-to-make sweet!.. Coconut Barfi!!...

it takes around 30 to 40 minutes for the whole preparation.

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Coconut Barfi(Burfi)


6 Persons

40 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Scraped coconut 4 150ml cups
Sugar 1 ½ 150ml cups
Ghee ¾ 150ml cup
Water ¾ 150ml cup
Cardamom 3 Nos


stage 1

crush the scraped coconut using a blender to make it uniform. Then measure it out. 4 cups of scraped coconut will reduce to 3 cups after crushing.

stage 2

Heat a kadai, and toss the cardamom for 1minute. Remove the outer skin and crush the cardamom using a pestle and mortar. Add a pinch of sugar to the mortar for easy grinding.

stage 3

To a kadai pour water, as it boils add sugar. Let it dissolve and boil with white froth. Reduce the flame and see if the sugar has totally dissolved.

stage 4

keeping the flame low, add crushed coconut and stir well. Keep the flame high and stir continuously until it starts reducing.

stage 5

Now add 2 tbsp ghee and continue stirring.

stage 6

add cardamom powder, stir thoroughly. Add 2 more tb sp ghee and stir thoroughly.

stage 7

As it reduces to a thick dough consistency add the remaining ghee and stir well. Keep the flame low. When the coconut mixture reduces to a balling up dough consistency, transfer it immediately into a ghee-lined tray or plate (preferably steel) and spread it to a 0.5” thick smooth surfaced block.

stage 8

wait for 2 minutes for it to cool and then cut the block into pieces, using a ghee-lined knife. (But do not separate it until it is really cool).

stage 9

when it is really cool, using the knife, separate each pieces and transfer it a serving plate.

Now what are you waiting for! Just blast!


  • You can add any fruit flavour by using its color and essence.You can also decorate the barfi using roasted and crushed almonds, or pistachios, or cashew nuts etc at stage 6 immediately after spreading. Press the nuts gently so that it stays in place.
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