Chutney Powder(Iyer Style)

Commonly known as dosa podi, chutney powder is a safe stock, which can be prepared at home in a short time and have a long lasting shelf life.

As the traditional name indicates it is best to go with dosa. It can be used with idlis, adai dosai etc.

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Chutney Powder(Iyer Style)


20 Servings

15 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Urad dal (black gram) Whole and hulled 2 cups
Raw rice 3 tb sp
Sesame seeds 1 ½ tb sp
Dried red chillies 15 nos
Salt 1 tb sp
Asafoetida powder 1/2tb sp


First step is to dry roast every single item separately one by one.

For that light the stove and heat a bottom thick kadai and add urad dal into it. Dry roast it until it turns reddish color. Remove it from the kadai and keep it in a dry plate.

Replace kadai to the stove and dry roast raw rice until it turns opaque and then light brown color. Keep it in the same dry plate.

Now add sesame to the kadai and keep the flame low. Stirring continuously, dry roast it for 2 minutes (if it is already roasted) or roast it until it pops(if seeds are raw). Remove it immediately to avoid it burning to black.

To the kadai add the dried red chillies and roast it until itis crispand raw smellhas gone. Remove and keep it in the same plate.

To the kadai add asafoetida and turn off the flame and stir it. Remove it once its aroma is coming out. keep it in the same plate.

Give it some time to cool down to room temperature.

To a dry mixie jar add the roasted dry red chillies and crush it well in to powder. To the mixie jar add the rest of the items and salt and crush it well in to powder.

Store in a dry air tight container and keep it in a dry place.

To serve

For dosa serve podi mixed with oil (coconut oil, gingelly oil or ground nut oil)

For adai , serve it mixed with curd.For a journey pack with idli, mix it with gingelly oil and take it in a separate container.


  • Powder consistency can be varied from coarse to fine powder according to your choice.
  • You can also heat salt in the kadai, if it is deliquescent.
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