Puttu is a typical Kerala breakfast. It is made of rice flour and scraped coconut.

It is a steam cooked food and best to take with gram curries. It makes a perfect breakfast combination of starch and protein.

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2 persons

40 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Rice flour 1 ½ cups
Salt ½ tea sp
Sugar 1/2tb sp
Water enough for the consistency
Scraped coconut 3 tb sp


In a mixing bowl, take rice flour (puttu podi), salt and sugar (optional). To this sprinkle a handful of water and mix without lump formation. Repeat the procedure until it becomes soaked powder. To check consistency, take a handful of mixture and press it gently to ball up together and then try to release it. It if stays together as a ball and easy powders again when released, the consistency is perfect. Give it a 20 minutes standing time.

After 20 minutes, check again for the consistency (in the same way said above) and if it is dry sprinkle water and adjust consistency. Now it is ready to cook. To the puttu maker (make sure each time, that the flour stopper is placed.), add 1/2tb sp of scraped coconut and fill half of the puttu maker with rice flour mixture. Again add a layer of ½ tb sp of scraped coconut. And fill up the rest of puttu maker with rice flour mixture. Top it with ½ tbsp of scraped coconut. Close it with the lid and steam it in high flame until the steam rushes out from puttu maker and then lower the flame and cook for 3minutes. Take the puttu out from the maker and serve it with curry.


  • Rice flour for puttu can be prepared at home: soak raw rice for 5 hrs, powder it coarsely (rava consistency). Heat a kadai and transfer the powder and dry roast it until it is free of moist and then turns light golden color. You can store this for at least a month.
  • If you don’t have a puttu maker, you can use a steamer. To the steamer pan, place a wet towel and spread a mixture of puttu podi and coconut and steam it for 6minutes. You can also use idlimaker for that.

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