Kappa(Tapioca) Fry

A filling and easy to prepare snack, with a ‘nadan’ Kerala crop - tapioca.

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Kappa(Tapioca) Fry


2 persons

30 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Tapioca cut in cubes 3 cups
Water 4 cups
Salt ¾ tea sp
Turmeric ¼ tea sp
Coconut oil ½ tb sp
Mustard seeds ¾ tea sp
Dried red chillies 2 nos
Shallots 50 gms
Curry leaves 8 leaves


To a thick bottom vessel add tapioca cubes, water, salt and turmeric. Let it cook until tapioca cubes are fork tender. Drain out the water, mash the tapioca cubes gently.

Heat a fry pan or kadai, pour oil, pop mustard seed, fry dried red chillies (cut in medium sized pieces) and curry leaves. To this add chopped shallots and sauté well. To this add the mashed tapioca and mix it well. Transfer it to a serving dish and enjoy the snack with onion chutney or chilli chutney.

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