Moringa Mulakoottal

Drumstick tree leaves are said to be rich in iron and great source of vitamin C (essential for eyesight). Also as it is mostly a home-grown tree, it would be pesticide free too. Combining the leaves with protein rich dal makes it a complete diet with rice.

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Moringa Mulakoottal


3 persons

20 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Toor dal ¼ 150ml cup
moringa leaves 2 150ml cups
salt enough to taste
Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
Water 2 150ml cups
Scraped coconut ¾ 150ml cup
Cumin seed 1tea spoon
Dried red chilly 2 nos
oil ½ tb sp
mustard ½ tea spoon


In a pressure cooker, add tor dal and pour one cup water and close it with the lid and light the stove. Let the steam come out before placing the weight for safety. Let it whistle once in high flame and 5-6 times in low flame. Turn the flame off and wait until the pressure is gone and open the cooker

Add moringa leaves, salt, turmeric and ¼ cup of water to the cooked dal. Close the cooker with lid, place the weight and cook for one whistle at medium-low flame

Blend coconut, cumin seeds and one dried red chilly with ½ cup of water to a smooth paste. To the steam released cooked leaves and dal, add the coconut paste and let it boil until the raw smell goes, Moringa (drumstick tree leaves) mulakoottal ( Molagootal ) is ready

In a hot tadka pan pour oil, and when it is hot, pop mustards and roast the dried chilly and pour the mixture to the curry

Now it is ready to serve


  • Serves upto3 persons
  • Tender leaves are best for the preparation
  • Clean moringa leaves right after plucking it out from the tree, so that the stem will be rigid enough to make cleaning easy
  • After cleaning, each leaf being of different size, it is advised to cut them gently at random
  • Wash it after cleaning and cutting to avoid sticking.


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