Kothavarakka Thoran

Cluster bean is rich in calcium and iron, but is very rarely used vegetable too. Let us make use of it with a simple tasty recipe

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Kothavarakka Thoran


4 persons

25 minutes

Items List

Name Quantity Image
Cluster beans 150 gm
Oil ½ tb sp
Mustard ¼ tea spoon
Dried red chilly 1 no
Salt ½ tea spoon
Turmeric ¼ tea spoon
Water 1 150ml cup
Scraped coconut 2 tb sp


Heat up a fry pan and pour oil, pop mustards and roast cut dried red chilli. To it, add the chopped cluster beans, salt, turmeric and ½ cup of water, stir well. Close it with a lid, and let it cook in low flame. Toss it over occasionally

When the beans get cooked, open the lid and allow the remaining water to evaporate. To it add scraped coconut mix it well. Wait until the raw smell of coconut goes and turn the flame off

Thoran is ready to serve.

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